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The following comments are taken, with permission, from clients’ own independent evaluations of the firm after services have concluded.

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Heather Successfully Argues to Obtain Permanent Residency for Spouse of US Citizen Despite C-1 Visa Entry (Boston, MA)

One of the most frustrating parts of marriage-based immigration practice is CIS’s interpretation of who is eligible for adjustment of status based on the type of visa they entered with (even if married to a US citizen) because not all district offices see it the same way. After a couple on the east coast had been told repeatedly by multiple attorneys that the Brazilian spouse had to return to his country and was not eligible for adjustment of status (the green card process in the US) and would have to consular process and apply for the ten year bar at one of the toughest CIS offices in the world, they called us.

Heather knew that there was no uniform policy among local CIS offices on the interpretation of C-1 visa holder’s ability to adjust and warned the couple that they would have to fight for this eligibilty but the law was on their side. As suspected, at the adjustment interview with Heather present by the couple’s side, the CIS officer informed us that the Brazilian spouse was not eligible to obtain his green card in the US because of his C-1 entry. Heather argued the law with the officer and bought time for our clients to be able to brief the issue so the officer would take it to her supervisor and the legal counsel in charge of that district office. This extended our client’s right to continue working with authorization and stay in the US legally while the fight continued.

Heather wrote an extensive brief arguing that because our client entered in-transit , not as a crewman, a different type of C visa, he was eligible under the law. Adjustment was only barred for crewmen C-1s. Our client entered in transit on his way to another country but later changed his mind and did not proceed to the other country where he had a student visa waiting for him due to change in financial circumstances. Not only was Heather faced with arguing that our client did not commit visa fraud at entry into the US or upon applying for the transit visa at the consulate, but also that he was legally eligible to adjust status as a C-1. Much to our clients’ credit, they believed in Heather and waited the many months after the interview for CIS to decide the case after examining Heather’s brief. It was all worth it in the end as our client was approved for permanent residency earlier this year and he never had to leave the US and incur the ten year bar.Our clients write of our services:

“We chose Heather to represent us because through internet research, we heard Heather was on the two best lawyers in the country for waiver cases and we were afraid our case might turn into one of those. We spoke with Heather and found her to be empathetic and also professional. We turned to Heather for our complicated marriage-based immigration case when other lawyers told us there was no hope for an adjustment of status. They told us we should give up.

Heather was able to win our case successfully because of her wide knowledge base, her plentiful experience in immigration law, and her willingness to put in the work to do the necessary legal research. She and her office staff always treated us with kindness and respect, and charged us a very reasonable fee for her services.We felt very well prepared.She does not create false expectations, but rather gives a clear idea of the possible outcomes in your situation.

It is clear that she practices immigration law out of a true desire to help people..You changed our lives and did what other attorneys told us could not be done.”

EB & FB, Boston, MA

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More Client Comments . . .

“Heather is an extremely honest, highly knowledgable, kind, patient, and a caring attorney. Her staff is as friendly as she is. She walked through our case with explicit step-by-step directions.

I got my green card within 4 months from filing. She made the impossible possible through her expertise. We could not have asked for a better attorney. We recommend her to anyone. I have already recommended my family members to Heather for help. She made my dream of becoming a rocket scientist a true one! “

D.J., Burbank, CA [obtained green card based on marriage, despite very recent marriage, and difficult financial sponsorship issue]

“My husband and I had a great experience working with Heather. We live in Wisconsin. Heather was worth every penny. Heather is super sweet and the INS officer liked Heather’s work, which made our green card interview really easy (she knows her stuff (regulations) very well.”

G.H., Madison, WI [obtained green card based on marriage despite being legal entry proof potential problem and very recent marriage issues]

“I found the firm from doing an internet search. I felt completely hopeless and powerless after talking to other attorneys before I spoke with you. I chose you to represent me because every aspect of my case was well explained to me, your high success rate, and your community involvement clearly shows that you care about your clients. The fact that your credentials are unmatched, I felt that I was in good hands right from the beginning.

Your services were excellent. I was treated with respect and for the first time in a long time felt that there are some immigration attorneys who really care about their clients as opposed to the money they could get out of them.I would absolutely recommend your firm to others. I will make it my mission to spread word of mouth to everyone I know who has similar problems. Even if I was in New York and not in California, I would use your services. Its hard to find a good, honest, and competent immigration attorney and people are willing to travel to find a good one and you are excellent. You truly embrace the human rights philosophy. Heather, I can never thank you enough.”

“Thank you Heather for giving attention to my case. I would have probably given up but you made it easier for me. You know the subject matter very well and you were detail oriented. There should be more attorneys like you. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and you helped me along the way. I wouldn’t have know where to get the documents I needed to provide if it wasn’t for you.

The fee was reasonable and you provide excellent service.”

R.G., Miami, FL [obtained green card as an abused spouse of abusive USC husband]

“I just cannot find words to express my profound gratitude to you. It was simply my immense trust in you, which kept me going. Before I met you, I had already surrended to fate and could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. But the sudden meeting changed my entire attitude to life. I asked you to represent me because of your honesty, true interest in my situation, I trusted you, and your willingness to stay with me to the very end – being with me at the final green card interview.

It was only due to your perserverance and counseling that I realized that not all hope had been lost. Your concern for me was starkly visible on your face and that gave me additional courage and confidence. My entire family owes its debt to your love and affection and shall ever remain grateful. Wishing you health and happiness-“

W.P., Los Angeles, CA [obtained green card as an abused spouse of abusive USC wife]

“Heather is the best immigration attorney in the entire state of California! I chose Heather to represent me after I met her and realized how very knowledgeable she is.She and the firm provided great service, were very professional and used technology very well. Communicating repeatedly through email was essential for me due to my business constraints and Heather’s firm took advantage of this type of communication to my benefit. I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for a job well done; you are great Heather!!!”

L.H., Los Angeles, CA [obtained approved waiver of the requirement to file joint petition to release condition on green card, despite divorce complications and stalling, uncooperatve spouse throughout process]

“Heather and Staff: My family and I want to thank you for your hard work you did to help my father establish his status as a legal resident here in the United States. It was and will continue to be an unforgettable moment when we received the good news. Now, we can do much more as a family. Many thanks.”

MD,Los Angeles, California (obtained permanent residency for her father despite illegal entry and long illegal stay in the U.S.)

“I couldn’t have done it without you ! Thank you so much ! ! ! You’re a great lawyer and guided me very professionally. I felt extremely well prepared and secure. But also, you’re a great person. Thanks for your sensibility !”

PL, Los Angeles, California [obtained green card based on her marriage to a U.S. citizen]

“You were very attentive and detail-oriented at our initial meeting, which caused me to choose to have you represent me. My initial impression was later confirmed by your continually updating me with information on the progress of my case. Thank you for helping me achieve the outcome I was hoping for. I would recommend your firm to others as I have not experienced a better attorney in my life. You were excellent.”

YP, Los Angeles, California [obtained green card based on abuse she suffered from U.S. citizen spouse]

Thanks for all your help with our case ! ! ! We chose you because of your very personalized service, comparable & reasonable fees, rapport, and competency.

Your staff was courteous and we appreciated your responsiveness by email, very helpful. Other offices I interviewed with didn’t even use email at all ! We would recommend your firm to others. . .”

MWB & DB, Pasadena, California [obtained fiance visa, prepared clients for consular processing, and obtained green card]

“I was referred to you because of your good name. Heather, you are the person who listened to our problems and you took excellent care of us. You gave us hope. The flat fee you charged was definetly worth it.

S.T. , San Dimas, California [Won appeal against CIS at the Administrative Appeals Unit level in Washington DC, reinstating client’s green card after CIS had revoked it when client was represented by another lawyer.]

“You did exactly what you said you would do ! You stayed on top of things and when changes came up, you notified us right away.We knew the approximate times it would take for each event. We were surprised how fast our green cards came. You were very professional and friendly. You know your business. Thank you.”

E.F. & A.F.,Glendora, California [obtained new green cards]

“Heather was suggested by a member of (an emotional support website where immigrants and their family members discuss stories/cases). My case resulted in the outcome I hoped for and even quicker than expected! Heather and Jessenia, especially, were very pleasant and helpful. They made our “journey” an enjoyable one – due to their full support and assurance to us. It has been a joy to work with them. Great job!

I recommend this firm because you will definetly get the result you aim for or Heather will tell you otherwise; she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Thank you for the WONDERFUL service! The positive energy Heather exudes is such a big plus. Heather made us feel at ease from day 1.”

M.H., Cerritos, CA [came to the US on a visitor’s visa from the Philippines and overstayed; despite this, was able to obtain green card based on marriage to U.S. citizen]

“I came to you approximately 1 year ago with hopes of getting a green card. I saw you talk when you were the guest speaker at Pasadena City College’s PCC Day. I asked you to represent me because I saw an honest person that was willing to help me. Any questions/concerns that I had were always clarified to me or explained to me step by step. Everything went as I had wished for. All of the services I received were with respect and honesty. I would love to see my comments up on the website so other people could read them and get courage and go to you guys.”

D.R., Bakersfield, CA [obtained permanent green card based on step-parent’s sponsorship despite over the age of 21 due to amnesty grandfathering exception]

“Your services were excellent. The friendliness and courtesy of you and your staff was outstanding. The service exceeded our expectations. Great communication.

We loved feeling that you were personally invested and cared about us not just as clients but as friends. It was an absolute pleasure. Thanks again for everything!”

R.B. & R.H., Pasadena, CA [obtained permanent green card based on marriage despite entry issue and few joint documents]

You answered all of my questions the best way. You were very professional andthe process was fast.Your services were excellent. I chose you to represent me because you and your staff was very clear with everything.”

M.C. Burney, CA [obtained permanent green card based on marriage despite few joint documents and complex financial sponsor issue]

“I obtained your name from the Pasadena courthouse.. . .The overall quality of your services provided were excellent. I was soimpressed that the staff always kept me in touchwith what was happening in my case.I would recommend your firm to others because you are truthful, warm, and won’t cheat people. You are very kind. God bless you always.”

Y.G., Rosemead, CA [obtained green card based on spousal abuse]

“I would absolutely(categorically “yes”) recommend your firm to others. I was regularly informed about the progress of my case and was charged a reasonable fee. I achieved the outcome I was hoping for. I communicated with the attorney via email at times and was totally satisfied with response time via that method or via telephone. I was and remain 100% satisfied with the attorney, who I have now come to consider as a friend. Her help has been very, very appreciated and I have the highest level of esteem for her.”

S.M., Los Angeles, CA [obtained green card]

“I would recommend your firm to others – you have a dedicated staff and superb lawyer.I was regularly informed about the progress and status of my case. It does not matter that the firm is located in Southern California (I’m in Northern California); I would recommend your firm for any immigration matter.”

P.O., San Francisco, CA [obtained green card]

“I chose your representation because of your personal approach towards my case. Because of you, I understood the nature of services provided on my behalf and the legal issues affecting my case. I was treated courteously by the staff who all provided excellent service.”

R.D., Topanga, CA [obtained green card after having no success with other legal professionals]

“I was referred to you by a YWCA Women’s Center near me. The attorney I had worked with on obtaining my Immigrant Visa, referred me to you for representing me at the final green card interview, because you regularly handle abused spouse cases in green card interview situations. The people I met at your office were very kind, courteous, and professional. The outcome was great, just what I had hoped for.”

G.N., Victorville, CA [successfully prepared client for green card interview – outcome: client was issued a green card at the green card interview, despite still living with the abusive spouse – an issue that focused on her credibility as the holder of an approved Immigrant Visa based on abuse]

“I was referred to your firm by one of your clients, a friend of mine. I would recommend your firm to others because I think Heather is a great lawyer and the people she works with are very responsible and courteous. I was regularly updated with what was going on in my case the entire time Heather was working on it and when it was awaiting a decision from CIS. My Immigrant Visa based on spousal abuse was approved and my green card issued in less than a year after coming to you -your services were excellent.

D.S., San Diego, CA [obtained green card based on spousal abuse, despite difficult moral character issue that developed due to client’s misdemeanor conviction]

“In our initial consultation, all the aspects of my case were explained to me. I was really impressed by how knowledgable Heather is. I know I wouldn’t be able to find a better attorney. Your fee was reasonable and your paralegals and staff treated me courteously and the quality of services provided were excellent. Email made it easy to communicate with you. Thank you and all your staff. I will recommend your firm to everybody.”

C.P. Long Beach, CA (obtained conditional green card waiver based on extreme cruelty she endured from her husband, despite lack of traditional evidence such as police reports and restraining order; the approval made her eligible for U.S. citizenship two years early)

“My sister referred me to you. I would most definetly recommend your firm to others. Heather helped me obtain an H-1B [to work for a US employer for the next three years based on a combination of education and experience]. Iam very grateful for all your help. Thank you again.’

K.S., Fountain Valley, CA [obtained H-1B, despite 20 year old education and having to document the specialized nature of her experience and the position, itself,in a highly technical but not commonly known field)

“I would recommend Heather because she and her staff are very professional who provided excellent work. I was regulary informed about the progress of my case. I live 3 hours away from Heather’s office but her office location did not matter; Heather always helped me with whatever I needed.”

B.M., Santa Cruz, CA (obtained green card based on abuse he suffered from his U.S. citizen wife)

“I would recommend your firm to others;your services were excellent. The firm did a very good job and answered all of our questions.We were regularly informed about the progress of our case. We were billed according to our engagement agreement and the flat fees were reasonable.”

C.K., Los Angeles, CA (obtained green card based on marriage despite recnet marriage, few bona fide marriage documents, and complicated disability/financial sponsorship issue)

As an advisor to advocates and attorneys across the nation, on immigration issues:

Thanks for your advise and expertise. I substituted the I-130 for the I-360 and I was able to continue with the adjustment process without incurring into more expense and fees for my client with a new application. She now holds a temporary evidence of her status as lawful permanent resident on her passport. Thanks a million.. . . Keep up the good work.”

A.T.R., Acercamiento Hispano/South Carolina Hispanic Outreach

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful newsletter you put out . . . I am using the recent issue to introduce our new law clerks to issues faced by battered immigrant women, as well as other issues/topics in the area of immigration . . . Thanks again !”

MM, Domestic Violence Services Coordinator, San Pedro Legal Services, San Pedro, CA

“Thank you on behalf of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Barrister’s Domestic Violence Project and the Los Angeles County Superior Court; we wish to thank you for your hard work, compassion, and dedication in the provision of legal services to domestic violence victims and their children.”

The Honorable Aviva K. Bobb Supervising Judge, Family Law Department, LACBA Domestic Violence Project



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