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Attorney Heather L. Poole

Talk One-on-One with Attorney Heather

We provide the options of telephone or zoom appointment for Attorney Heather to evaluate your case in depth to address the complexities of your particular case and immigration history and the potential options available to you.

          • There is no obligation to hire Attorney Heather for your case after that. Instead, you will walk out of the appointment with a true sense of clarity of what you should do next to get back control of your immigration case and your future.  View our terms and conditions page.


What do you get besides Attorney Heather’s undivided attention during your consultation

Consultations include these added benefits: 

  • Know what your chances are, how long it could take, and how much it will cost. Finally know what options are truly available to you, the risks and potential rewards of those options, and hearing it from Attorney Heather who will tell you the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear.
  • Benefit from Attorney Heather’s detailed review of any of your relevant past immigration or other documentation that could affect your options (criminal records, immigration records including notices, Requests for evidence, NOIDs, past filings, immigration court and CBP removal orders, consulate refusal sheet) – up to 50 pages. You will receive an email from us after booking detailing what docs the Attorney wants to see before your consultation so you can make the most out of your time with Attorney Heather.
  • Get actual answers to your questions and a strategy tailored to your situation and facts.  Attorney Heather often hears during consultations, “Why are you asking that question?  No one else has asked me that and I’ve consulted with five other attorneys.” Unique solutions often come out when no options seem possible because we’ve asked you questions that few if any attorneys will take the time or know to ask. Attorney Heather is not there to sell you.  She listens to your concerns and provides strategy but most importantly, you leave with answers to what you wanted to know:  Can I get a work permit? What will happen to my green card if I get a divorce? Does it matter how long I’m outside of the US? Will this protect me from ICE?

Choose the Best Consultation Type for You:


  • Consultation timelines are typical time; You and the Attorney may not need all the time or Attorney may need more time and will adjust as her schedule permits.   
  • The first consultation, whether initial or specialty consultation, are credited towards future legal fees quoted to you by Attorney if you hire us as your attorney within 60 days of your first consultation (i.e., it becomes free when we reduce your legal fees later!).
Initial Consultation – 30 minutes ($375)

 Zoom or phone consultation with Attorney Heather. Best for those who don’t know their options or don’t need more in depth analysis that falls within a specialty consultation.

“Follow up” 2nd Consultation – 30 min ($575)

For those who have had a consultation with Heather who have more questions about strategy recommended, life or case changes have occurred since initial consultation, or initial consultation was over 60 days ago.


Specialty Consultations: 


“Misrepresentation & Using Fake Documents” Strategy Session – 1 hour ($575)

Received a refusal sheet from a US Consulate or Has USCIS threatened to deny your case unless you file a waiver? Have you been charged with misrepresentation (lying to get your green card) in removal proceedings? Worried about using fake documents to gain entry into the US could affect you and what your options are? This consultation is for you. 

“A Crime is Stopping My Green Card” Strategy Session – 60 min ($575)

Is USCIS threatening to deny your case due to a theft or drug crime? Has the consulate refused your visa due to an old crime of moral turpitude? Need advice on how that criminal plea could hurt your immigration case? Is your naturalization case at risk because of a crime? Are you in immigration deportation proceedings because of a crime? Worried about exposing yourself to immigration if you have a crime in your past?  

“Visa Overstays, Unlawful Presence, and Illegal Entries” Strategy Session – 60 min ($575)

Entered the US illegally and stayed in the US without legal status? Married to an undocumented immigrant and you want to legalize their status? Has the consulate refused your visa because of the 10 year bar for your past overstay? 

“My Marriage Is Falling Apart” Strategy Session – 45 minutes ($450)

Has your spouse withdrawn your I-130? Never filed for you? Have a conditional green card but are separated from your spouse and worried you can’t remove the condition?  Worried about the impact of divorce on your immigration case? 

“I Was Deported Before” Strategy Session – 45 minutes ($450) 

Were you fingerprinted and deported at the border by CBP (Customs & Border Protection)? Were you deported in immigration court by a judge? Did you sign something that allowed ICE to remove you?  Did you overstay a voluntary departure order? Need to reopen or waive that removal order?

“J-1 Hardship Waiver” Strategy Session – 60 minutes ($575)

Subject to foreign residency requirement and no other waiver fits your situation? Married to a US citizen or permanent resident or have a US citizen child or green card holder who would suffer extreme hardship if you had to leave for two years?  Your country refused to sign a no objection letter? You don’t have evidence of realistic potential persecution if you returned to your home country? 

  • It’s best if you book a time when both you and your qualifying relative (spouse, adult child) would be available to be on consult with you so the attorney can ask important questions needed to best determine your chances.


Why Have a Case Evaluation Appointment?

If your case is complicated or complex, you need an expert who can tell it to you straight.  Attorney Heather has an extremely high success rate because her clients are willing to put in the work and she advises carefully with detail on each and every case. Attorney Heather doesn’t take every case that comes in the door. We don’t want to waste your money or get your hopes up.

  • 95% of the potential clients who have case evaluation appointments with Attorney Heather become our clients  that’s how useful and practical the information and advice is that you will receive. We won’t leave you hanging. And if it’s too risky for you to expose yourself to Immigration or if your case is just not strong enough, we’ll tell it to you straight. We don’t get people’s hopes up and take their money with no realistic hope.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It!  Our clients share their experiences from the initial case evaluation

David, Long Beach, CA writes:

I am so impressed with Heather, she made what seemed impossible obtaining a green card for my wife into a success! Due to my wife’s legal status here in the U.S. we were very doubtful of ever being able to get her a green card.

We had met with many lawyers before who either seemed not too interested in helping us or lawyers who didn’t seem very knowledgeable with all the details involved concerning our case. What stood out with Heather that many lawyers were lacking was that she is personable, extremely detailed, and and shows true interest.  She explained to us how the whole immigration process would be and our chances of success. We were so impressed with Heather and her knowledge that my wife and I put our complete trust in her to take on our case. 

Heather was right with us the whole way through, from the very start to the very end. She is extremely detailed and organized in her work and was always there to answer our questions. Heather was very accessible either by phone or email and was prompted to get back to me. Heather by far is a great lawyer. She gave my wife and me not only hope but the opportunity for my wife to be a legal resident with a great future ahead of us.  Thank you Heather!

Read Client Success Stories here.

EA, Oklahoma City, OK writes:

You should definitely contact her and listen to what she has to say about your case. Once you hear her solution you probably won’t be contacting anybody else, or if you already did you will see the difference.

Read the client’s story here (misrepresentation waiver). 

Paul, San Jose, CA writes:

Heather Poole with no doubt the best immigration attorney. From the first initial meeting, Heather took the time to learn the case write notes I knew that she will handle my case professionally and she did. Working with her was great not only the outcome was a success, I was impressed by the level of professionalism, preparations, interviews, I could not expect or ask for more. she also took the time to explain the process, keep me updated, remind me of meetings, always returned my calls, responded clearly to my questions and making sure i understood the answers.

It was great working with her during this all process and I highly recommend anyone in the situation where need a lawyer to contact her.

Read the client’s story here (VAWA abused spouse green card)

Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside of California. Can Heather Still Represent Me?

Yes!  A majority of our clients are outside of our area and outside of California. Immigration law is based on federal law, not state law. As a result, we can and do represent clients in immigration matters across the U.S.  Heather often travels to CIS green card interviews out of state and represents clients in immigration court proceedings outside of California.

It is very easy to work with us,whether it’s easily getting us documents for Heather’s review or editing/drafting documents together. Heather and our staff is very accessible via email and we utilize dropbox, zoom, fed ex, faxes, the good old fashion phone, and other technology services to make it easy for our clients to work with us from anywhere on the planet.

How much will my immigration case cost if I work with Attorney Heather

Legal fees depend on the type of case you have and any complexities involved, which many times has to do with your immigration history. Attorney Heather will go over the legal fees for your particular case after speaking with you during your case evaluation. She will also go over our payment and discount plans available; we work to make working with us financially feasible  for you. As always, there is no obligation to hire Heather.  

Payment and discount plans are available for most services.

So You’ve Booked An Appointment with Attorney Heather. Now What? 

Make the most out of your Case Evaluation appointment.

If you have received a Request for Further Evidence, a court date in immigration court, an adjustment of status interview, etc., we need to see those docs! Get the most out of your case evaluation by sending these to us ahead of timeSend us any past or current immigration decisions or notices and criminal documents if you have ever been arrested or ever applied for any immigration benefit (i.e., receipt notices, approval notices, Notice to Appear (NTA) in removal proceedings, removal order, criminal transcripts) prior to your case evaluation so Attorney Heather can see the full picture and flesh out how that history could affect your options. You can choose to email us ( or send us an invitation to a dropbox folder containing the documents prior to your appointment.  

If zoom or phone case evaluation appointment, please plan to be in a place where you have some privacy. We want to make sure that you can talk about your sensitive history and are not distracted by others in the room. And plan to have something to take notes on; immigration can get complicated. Attorney Heather can break it down as much as possible to understand the full picture but don’t count on your memory! 

Trying to file your case yourself? Do not arrange a case evaluation if you are trying to file the case on your own, without an attorney. Heather will not tell you how to file your case, what documents or forms to use, or otherwise instruct you on doing it yourself. This would be aiding you in the unlawful practice of law, which is unethical for an Attorney and illegal.

Case Evaluation Cancellation/Postponement policies:

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the reserved appointment time will not be rescheduled without a fee and the fee to book the consultation will not be refunded as Attorney Heather has reserved this time in her schedule specifically for you and has postponed others’ time slots to keep your appointment.  Our staff will reschedule your appointment if you need to postpone one time without charge if you contact us at least 24 hours prior to your initial case evaluation. 



Why Should I Hire a Competent Immigration Lawyer?

My Friend Recommends a Notario or Document Preparer.

An attorney can recommend the best ways for you to obtain legal status and utilize the system to your advantage because she has the experience to do so;

  • An attorney can complete and submit your applications properly so you don’t waste money on having to re-file forms for filing the wrong ones,
  • or delay receiving vital authorization to work or worse, fall out of lawful immigration status because you filed the wrong forms or not by the right time;
  • An attorney can help you stay current on the new laws that affect you, will act as your guide and interpreter through the ever-changing and complicated field of immigration law and the legal language. Generalized information is not a substitute for a detailed, fully informed analysis of your situation;
  • An attorney is authorized to speak for you in discussions with the CIS (INS) or represent you in court.

When meeting with an attorney from our office, we could alert you to potential unlawful presence or other problems you could encounter in trying to get your green card or trying to re-enter the U.S. if you should leave, information you may not understand or even know of on your own.


Beware of unlicensed operators who promise immigration benefits or assistance for less than what an attorney would charge you. These individuals commonly refer to themselves as “immigration consultants” and advertise in local ethnic newspapers and yellow pages. They are not accountable to anyone, have no ethical standards they must comply with, are not licensed, and worst of all, they are known for taking people’s money and doing nothing. Some may even lie to the government in your name for a quick, simple solution that in the end may result in your deportation or permanent exclusion from the U.S.

Also, watch out for notaries (“notarios”), service bureaus, travel agents, or others who promise quick, easy solutions to immigration problems. Beware of lawyers from other countries who are not licensed to practice in the U.S. and do not know U.S. laws, people who say they “know someone” who has an “inside track” or anyone who wants money to influence or bribe a CIS (INS) official.



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