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Heather L. Poole, Esq. 
HEATHER L. POOLE PC – Immigration Lawyers
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Heather L. Poole, Esq.
HEATHER L. POOLE PC – Immigration Lawyers
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Office Hours* (Pacific Standard Time):

Monday – Friday  9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PST, Saturday: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. (by Appointment only); Sunday: Closed.  

* Evening Appointments or lunch appointments may be arranged upon request. * Because of our busy schedule and to protect your privacy and safety, we do not take walk-ins. 

Feel free to e-mail us (below) with any questions or access our case evaluation request page to schedule an Attorney Case Evaluation appointment.

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Legal Fees

To make a payment on an existing monthly payment plan or retainer* for a new case, email us or call us: 877.486.2678 (877-HUMAN-RTS)


Common Questions About Legal Fees

No legal fees are due until the engagement agreement is issued by Heather and she has agreed to represent you. All our our services, no matter how small in amount, come with a written engagement agreement signed by you and Heather, the Attorney. This is so you know exactly what services we are providing for you and you have a record. 

There is an expiration date on each engagement agreement issued which means that Heather is under no obligation to take your case or reserve her availability to work on your case if you do not return the signed engagement agreement and retainer payment by that date. This is simply due to the reality that there are many people who come to us for help and we only take a limited number of cases each year so we can provide the highest quality and devote as much time as is necessary to win each case without cutting corners. Heather knows that each client’s case outcome could dramatically affect their future and that sloppy work could cut into her strong reputation with CIS, affecting the outcome of other clients’ cases. So, each of us at the firm take each case very seriously. We are NOT a mill – (a “mill” is typically a very large immigration firm that has little client contact or involvement but puts most of the work on paralegals, not an attorney). We do this work because it is our passion, not to make tons of money off of often desperate people. 

Flat fees: All our Attorney legal services are provided on a flat-fee basis. What that means for you is that there will be no financial surprises later down the line. What Heather quotes you for the fee for her service will not increase once she is retained.

Fees vary depending on the difficulty of a particular case. Legal fees do not include CIS filing fees (in certain circumstances, we may be able to get CIS filing fees waived for the client – i.e., the client may not have to pay CIS filing fees)

Payment Plans Once Heather agrees to represent you, you may have the option of two plans. The discount plan allows you to take an additional discount off of the total legal fees quoted to you if you choose to pay legal fees in full upon the start of the case. The payment plan allows you to make a down payment, with the remainder of the legal fees due in monthly payments. The discount and payment plans are available on almost all cases.

Clients have options of paying their legal fees via check, cash, money order, or credit cards and any combination of these. With clients’ permission, we may also accept payment from third parties (i.e., relatives or friends of the client) but third parties do not have access to confidential client or case information without the client’s consent. 

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