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Local CIS Changes

Local CIS Changes:  The Immigrant Rights News Update

The following is the online version of The Immigrant Rights News Update, a publication on local practices and procedural changes that affect immigration cases filed in Los Angeles, the California Service Center and abused immigrant cases.  This newsletter is also available in print. If you would like to receive it in print, feel free to email us at to be placed on our mailing list. 

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Summary of local newsletter subjects:

Spring 2004

  • InfoPass Scheduling System Now In Effect at Los Angeles CIS
  • Policy Evolving on I-751 Waivers in LA District
  • Bill Defeated Requiring Hospitals to Report Undocumented Immigrants Seeking ER Care
  • CIS Fees Increased April 30
  • Immigration Proposal Introduced to End Unlawful Presence Bars
  •  US VISIT system to track foreign visitors now up and running
  • 2004 Poverty Guidelines Released, Lowers Affidavit of Support Income Requirements
  • H-1B Visas Run Out Early
  • Immigration Soundbites:  New Immigration Enforcement Jobs; Immigration Backlog increasing;
  • Abused Immigrants Update:  Traffickers Sentenced in Sex Slavery Smuggling Ring; >VSC Now Issuing Prima Facie Case Notice Initial Extension Beyond 60 Days; Department of Homeland Security in Favor of Granting Asylum to Guatemalan victim of domestic violence;
  • Federal Judge Orders CIS (INS) to Give Thousands of Asylees Green cards, calling INS a “National Embarrassment”

Winter 2003

  • Applicants for the Green Card Lottery Now Restricted to Internet Filing;
  • Immigrants with Sex Offense History Now Targeted for Detention Without Bond and Removal;
  • Abused Immigrants Update: U Visa Interim Relief and Eventual Issuance Moves to VAWA unit at the Vermont Service Center
  • SSA clarifies Social Security Card Attainment Procedure;
  • How to Pay Taxes without a Social Security Number
  • CLEAR Act Introduced Sends Mandate to Local Police: Enforce civil immigration violations  or lose funding

Spring 2003

  • Post 9/11 Special Registration Program That Led to Widespread Arrests by INS, Finally Ends
  • Latest Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Procedures for Immigrant Processing Released
  • Immigration Non-Lawyer Consultant Practicing Immigration Law Arrested
  • Undocumented Aliens Can Be Held Indefinitely, Ashcroft Says
  • Abused Immigrants Update: Domestic Violence Survivors Win Key Workplace Protection;  Practice Pointer: The 3 vs. 5 year Citizenship Rules for Abused Immigrants; Practice Pointer: Asylum Interviews for Female Victims of Violence
  • Immigration Soundbites: Dept of Justice Withdraws Rule Finalizing Regulation; Commuter Students from Mexico and Canada Now Subject to Same Reporting Requirements as other Foreign Students; U.S. to Fingerprint Most Foreign Visitors under new VISIT system; The Social Security Administration (SSA) limiting number of “no-match” letters sent to employers; State Dept. Will Open Its Database to Police Officers
  • BCIS Limits Conditional Green Cards Waivers based on Good Faith Marriage
  • Government Planning Airline Passenger Profiling System
  • LIFE Legalization Application Deadline is June 4

Winter 2002

  • New “Age-Out” Law help children at risk of losing immediate immigrant visa availability
  • Local police asked to enforce immigration laws
  • Local INS officers cannot revoke approved domestic violence-based immigrant visas
  • Social Security Card Crack-Down Affects Undocumented Workers
  • Immigration Soundbites:H-1B immigrants allowed to seek extension of stay beyond six years. . .; updates on issues affecting visitors;drivers licenses update and legislation;
  • Gay & Lesbian Immigrant Rights Gain Ground with 100th co-sponsor of Same-Sex Immigration Bill
  • Green Cards Available for Immigrants Unlawfully Present in US since 1972: Understanding the “Registry “ Program
  • Three and Ten Year Bars to Re-entry Catching Immigrants Off-Guard
  • State Dept’s Security Crackdown at Consular Posts Overseas Causing Severe Delays

Spring/Summer 2002

  • Notarios Still Swindle Los Angeles Immigrants Congress passes Sweeping Border Security and Visa Entry Reforms
  • Limited version of 245i Passed by House but Senate stalling
  • INS Says No to Part-Time Canadian and Mexican Students
  • New Security Checks Slow Processing of All Immigration Cases at INS’
    ASYLUM: Unaccompanied Minor Able to File for Asylum after 1-year Deadline
  • Tourists from Argentina lose Visa Waiver Status
  • Targeting Poor Working Conditions for Immigrants
  • Extension of Temporary Protected Status Granted for Eligible Hondurans and Nicaraguans
  • Abused Immigrants Update: New VAWA Liaison for LA District INS; How Service Providers Can Provide Cultural Competent Advocacy; Family Reunification Act Could Stop Mandatory Detention and Deportation for Minor Crimes
  • President’s call for creation of national security agency to oversee INS flawed
  • Terrorism and Temporary Visa Holders: Know your Rights !

Fall 2002

  • NEW THREAT to Unlawfully Present Immigrants
  • Abused Immigrants Update: Practice Tip: “Adjustment of Status” Substituting approved battered immigrant self-petition for spouse-sponsored immigrant petition to maintain existing Adjustment of Status Application at local district office; How Divorce Affects the Battered Woman’s Immigration Case; Interim Relief Available for Potential “U” Visa Holders;
  • Steps to Protecting your Important Immigration and I.D. documents

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