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Immigration Case Approval Rates – When Experience & Ethical Reputation Matters

When Experience & Ethical Reputation Matters.

    • 99% Approval on all Citizenship Cases
    • 100% Approval on Conditional Green Card Waivers
    • 100% Approval on Joint Petitions to Remove Condition on Permanent Residency (green cards)
    • 99% Approval on Abused Spouse-based Immigrant Visas/Green Cards
    • 99% Approval overall on all Family-Based Immigrant Cases*
* as of 1/2021. Success rates are not meant to nor to they guarantee a successful outcome or result in your case. Every case is different. It is unethical and illegal for any Attorney to guarantee you a positive result. What the attorney can do is provide you with her legal opinion as to what the strengths and weaknesses of your case are and her belief on how successful you may be. She cannot nor will she ever “guarantee” a positive outcome or result.

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