Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
What You Can Expect From Us & Should Know

You’ll be dealing with Experienced & Knowledgeable Professionals.

At Heather L. Poole, PC,   we focus our practical experience and key knowledge of the law in obtaining fianc’e visas and family, marriage and employment-based green cards and eventual citizenship for our clients.

We are often able to aid even those with seemingly unwinnable cases or in extremely difficult circumstances. We also focus our efforts in obtaining green cards and citizenship relief for immigrant survivors of domestic violence and crime.

You will have the confidence of knowing what’s going on with your case and how recent immigration changes affect you.

It’s important for our clients to keep up to date on changes in immigration law as they happen. Besides regularly updating our clients on their case status, we are one of the few firms that immigration firms nationwide that publishes an in-depth weekly newsletter to inform our clients about the latest changes in immigration.

You’ll always receive the highest level of care and attention.

We recognize how difficult it is for you to come forward about your sensitive immigration matters and then to speak with a complete stranger about your concerns. We enjoy taking the time to know the concerns and lives of our clients, and how an immigration option or course of action may affect you, your family, and your life. To us, you are seen as a person, not merely a number on a client file.

If you don’t receive the close personal attention you want, nothing else matters. When you’re our client, you become part of our family. And we guarantee you’ll receive the best we offer.

How can we provide such personal and consistent service to our customers? Unlike other firms, we do not try to sign up as many cases as possible to maximize the bottom line. We are highly selective of which cases we take on. This provides us with the ability to provide each of our clients with this high level of personal service that our clients deserve.

You’ll be prepared.

Well assist you in preparing, understanding, and collecting vital key components to your case with extensive, detailed start-up packages, available for each type of case.

We will always provide cost-effective service to you as our client, with the aim of minimizing your costs.

We understand that you have a work and personal life aside from your immigration concerns. That’s precisely why our day-to- day practices are centered around saving you time. When you schedule a Case Evaluation appointment with a qualified and compassionate attorney, we will try our best to work around your schedule, including scheduling the Case Evaluation appointment during your lunch break or in the evening, if necessary.

When you become our client, we will continue to work to save you time, throughout the time we work together on your case. After all, one of the reasons you hire an attorney to steer you through the complicated and time-consuming visa process is so you don’t have to figure it all out yourself, which would take time and energy that you could devote to your education or your family or the rest of your life. That’s why we offer our clients many convenient ways to work with us, including zoom and phone meetings, working over the phone, through email, or by fax, as well by overnight delivery.

Our legal services are reasonable and affordable.

We customarily charge flat fees rather than hourly fees, so clients know the total cost of our services in advance. We accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover), cash, money orders and checks for payment of legal fees. We also aim to work within our clients’ financial reality, often provide payment plans to make our services affordable.

Furthermore, the fee for the service that we quoted you will not change. No one likes financial surprises. Once we quote a fee, we stick to it, no matter what. You can depend on it.