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Warning about notarios


Don’t put your future at Risk ! Warning!!! 

Hiring a Notario or Immigration Consultant could ruin your chances to immigrate legally into the U.S. or attain a green card, and worse, could result in your deportation. 

Immigration law is complex and in a perpetual state of flux, with both laws and policies changing rapidly and requiring constant monitoring. These factors have created a pressing need to enhance and improve the availability of qualified immigration assistance. This need is made stunningly clear whenever the law changes or even when significant changes have been merely proposed. Not only are there never enough lawyers and authorized legal clinics to help people file petitions and applications, but there are numerous instances of people being victimized by fraudulent immigration consultants.

These fraudulent consultants, commonly called “notarios”, prey on people who are confused by immigrations laws, unaware of their legal rights, and feel vulnerable as they work their way through the maze of immigration laws. These “consultants” extract thousands of dollars to prepare applications that are not filed or are incorrectly filed.

The stakes are high when dealing with immigration law. Filing the wrong documents, missing a deadline, or failing to fully disclose all the facts in a case can mean the difference between legal status, deportation, and in the case of some asylum seekers, even death.

There is an epidemic of fraud directed against aliens going through the immigration process or seeking to determine their eligibility under the law. Much of this fraud is being perpetrated by immigration “consultants” who pose as licensed immigration attorneys. Many of these “consultants” target Spanish-speaking immigrants by becoming notaries public in order to advertise as “notarios”, who are regarded as “attorneys” in Latin America. These “notarios” attempt to fill the void left when legitimate and professional aid is unavailable. They also take advantage of especially vulnerable consumers who generally are less familiar with the law and their legal rights, unaware of their complexity and when it is in their best interests to seek authorized representation, and are uncomfortable with the culture and customs of the U.S. legal system.

Make sure you are dealing with a lawyer who is licensed in the U.S.  Do not give money to someone who says they “represent” or work for a lawyer when you have never met the lawyer, yourself, and the lawyer did not review any standard written fee agreement or signed it. 

Paralegals, legal assistants, notarios, and consultants who do not work for attorneys are illegally practicng law and there is no way for you to know if they know what they are doing. They are responsible to no board of legal ethics and are known for taking a person’s money, closing up shop, and moving elsewhere without filing any immigration paperwork, often making a person deportable for failure to file any or even the right documents.  Be careful ! !

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