Representing Clients All Over the U.S.
I live outside of California. How would Immigration Attorney Heather be able to help me? Will she travel to my interview? Is there any reason why I would need a local immigration attorney? 

People are always surprised to hear that the majority of our clients reside outside of Southern California.  75% of our clients never meet us in person and have found us through online referrals. Heather travels to their green card, naturalization or deportation proceeding to represent our clients when needed or requested.  We are one of the few immigration firms in the US that truly has an international practice, with many clients outside of the US having found out the hard way from the consul that they can’t return without applying for a waiver or different immigrant benefit.  Modern technology has made as possible for us, with many clients find us online and the ability to use FedEx, our frequent e-mails and calls, Zoom, and other fast ways to communicate makes this all possible to work with us.  Occasionally, Attorney Heather will recommend that a potential client hire a local attorney if an immigrant is currently detained or there is an ongoing removal case. Heather will be honest with you about what your options are and if we’re the right firm for you.