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Some of the articles written by Attorney Heather L. Poole:

“Abused Spouses: How Divorce May Affect Your Green Card Chances”

published on:, (the Center for Business)


“Fear of Fake Marriages Making Permanent Green Cards Difficult to Obtain”

published on:


“When Marriage Is Not Enough: Facing Deportation Because of Your Spouse”

published by Pasadena Bar Association – Pasadena Bar Bulletin, also published on:,


“Recognizing Abuse May Be Key Step for Many Immigrants Seeking Green Cards”


Articles about Attorney Heather L. Poole

 “Attorneys Assist Victms of Domestic Violence”, Pasadena Star News

“Cal Poly Holds Panel on Abuse”, The Highlander (San Gabriel Valley Tribune)

“Proteccion a mujeres migrantes”published by La Prensa, El Diario de Los Nicaraguenses, 06/15/05,

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* as of August 2006.